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Holiday activities at the Borgo di Gallano and excursions in the surrounding territories

During your Holidays in Umbria in one of the Apartments of Castello di Gallano Resort, you can go on tours and excursions along the nearby trails, or you can venture out to discover towns and villages, all within easy reach from the resort. Experienced tour guides will take you to explore and enjoy unique landscapes and historic monuments.

Thanks to our solid partnership with the “Valle del Menotre” Excursion Center, plenty of other activities can be arranged during your stay. Among these are guided tours to the major art cities of Umbria, the caves, hermitage, and waterfalls of the hamlet of Pale, as well as the springs of the Menotre River in Rasiglia, also known as the “Village of streams”, where water flows right between its houses.


Rafting trips on the Corno River in Valnerina, in the heart of Umbria, between Norcia and Cascia. Rafting is a real satellite activity for responsible tourism, where any form of exploitation of natural resources is avoided. It is a top-class tourist attraction and an exciting team sport and it is open to everyone. By paddling down a river and navigating rapids on special inflatable rafts, you will be immersed in one of the most fascinating landscapes of our region.


Equestrian Tourism. We organize unforgettable experiences where our guests can connect with nature and immerse themselves in the pristine Umbrian countryside. Wonderful horseback riding trails will uncover the hidden gems of our region.

Horseback rides are also available for beginners with a few introductory lessons.


Perticaia Experience. Treat yourself to a visit to our “Perticaia” winery with wine and oil tasting. Embark on a sensory journey to discover our traditions, our land, and our wine-making culture. Grape harvest is entirely manual; afterwards, the grapes are taken to the new cellar for vinification. Fermentation occurs spontaneously due to the presence of only indigenous yeasts, which are natural grape skin components.


A bike is your ideal traveling companion to enjoy in total freedom the colors, flavors, and fragrances of the green heart of Italy Umbria offers plenty of opportunities to go on bike tours. Routes are available for cyclists of all levels, both beginners and experts. Cycle tourists can choose among itineraries varying in length and difficulty according to the destination and their preferences.


A variety of excursions with longer and more demanding itineraries will not disappoint expert hikers, while families will find easier, lovely trails set in a timeless environment, nestled among golden hills, shady olive trees, vineyards, and thick woods. Natural parks in Umbria are the ideal place to take deep breaths and be intoxicated by the scents of the land, flowers, and woods. 

Umbria - Giro In Mongolfiera


At Gallano Resort, you can choose to start the day exploring the nearby area and the picturesque Umbrian towns by traveling short distances… Or start right from above!

A hot-air balloon ride is an extraordinary adventure that will make your stay at Gallano Resort one to remember, dazzling you with an astounding view over the Umbrian Valley.

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