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Nature is the core element of the Green Heart of Italy. Natural parks in Umbria are the ideal place to take deep breaths and be intoxicated by the scents of the land, flowers, and woods. 

Unique landscapes will win you over and let you enjoy a deep breath of fresh, clean air

A variety of excursions with longer and more demanding itineraries will not disappoint expert hikers, while families will find easier, lovely trails set in a timeless environment, nestled among golden hills, shady olive trees, vineyards, and thick woods.

Trekking itineraries starting from Gallano

Going trekking in Umbria means walking along blooming meadows, hedges, and woods, looking for flowers and wild edible herbs that are typically used in many Umbrian traditional recipes.

Two V.U.T. (Valle Umbra Trekking) hiking trails start from Gallano

Trail 310 VUT from Gallano to Capodacqua

From Gallano to Fondi, Trail 310 VUT (Valle Umbra Trekking), from Belfiore of Foligno to Forcatura of Colfiorito, where it joins the Via Lauretana.

VUT (Valle Umbra Trekking), No. 310 of the regional trail network, is the first trail designed and created by the founders of the Foligno VUT-FIE (Italian Hiking Federation) back in 1987. The route winds its way through remarkable natural, landscape, and historic settings. It starts from Belfiore in the Valley of the Menotre River, then reaches Forcatura above the Colfiorito Oasis, crossing Monte di Pale, Capodacqua of Foligno, Castello di Gallano, and climbing up the slopes of Monte Burano. Continuing to Fondi, Arvello, and finally Forcatura, it then reconnects with the Via Lauretana.

Along the way, you will come across the most diverse natural settings and you will enjoy gorgeous and ever-changing views, such as the valley of Foligno, the mountains of Trevi, Monti Martani, Monte Subasio, and the Umbria-Marche Apennines, from Monte Nerone to Monti Sibillini. Always keep your eyes on the road and wear only trekking shoes.


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Trekking in Umbria
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