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A bike is your ideal traveling companion to enjoy in total freedom the colors, flavors, and fragrances of the green heart of Italy

Umbria offers plenty of opportunities to go on bike tours. Routes are available for cyclists of all levels, both beginners and experts.

Cycle tourists can choose among itineraries varying in length and difficulty according to the destination and their preferences. Some trails are flat and suitable for all levels, while others are more demanding, best suited for fit, well-trained cyclists.

Umbria has countless trails and bike lanes that wind their way through valleys, hills, and mountains

Bike tours are definitely a fun and rewarding way to visit new places, work out, and bask in the beauty around you. Whether in the form of a relaxing tour or a more challenging ride, cycling tourism is always exciting.

Feel free to ride in the open air or experience the satisfying feeling of completing a more challenging route. This is the best way to relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Go on a bike tour to relish some time with your friends or on your own, indulge in the wonders of Umbrian nature and landscapes, discover new traditions, and gain a true appreciation for the tranquility of less crowded places.

Cycling through Umbrian towns is an exciting and rewarding adventure

Most Umbrian towns are easy to reach by bike. Suitable routes for easy rides will allow you to make the most of your cycle tourism experience in Umbria.

Towns in Umbria are usually set in scenic locations, nestled in hilly and valley landscapes, and boast historic architecture and monuments steeped in the local history. We suggest you take some time to contemplate and explore them.

Allow yourself some time to make stops, rest, and soak up the view. Umbria is home to an unspoiled scenery with hills, valleys, mountains, and rivers crossing its luxuriant nature.

While cycling in the Umbrian countryside, you will marvel at vineyards and olive groves. These Umbrian treasures are carefully and patiently preserved and cared for. Umbria offers a wide selection of routes, both for MTB and road bikes.

Find some of the most popular destinations for bike tours at:

Before embarking on your bike tour, you may want to inquire about the route conditions and have water and a snack to stay energized along the way. Wear suitable clothing to keep you cool and comfortable. Remember to wear a helmet and pay attention to your safety and that of other road users.

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