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Rafting in Valnerina—Gallano Resort Activities

Rafting trips on the Corno River in Valnerina (“Valley of the Nera River”), in the heart of Umbria, between Norcia and Cascia. Rafting is a real satellite activity for responsible tourism, where any form of exploitation of natural resources is avoided. It is a top-class tourist attraction!

Rafting is an exciting team sport and it is open to everyone. By paddling down a river and navigating rapids on special inflatable rafts, you will be immersed in one of the most fascinating landscapes of our region, along the stunning valley of the Corno River.

Umbria is known as “the green heart of Italy”, where rolling hills are studded with valleys and higher peaks

Umbria is delightful all year round, but it is definitely during the warm season that outdoor life lovers and nature enthusiasts have the opportunity to embrace new experiences and practice outdoor sports. Rafting, that is going down a river on a raft guided by a crew of paddlers, is by far one of the most popular water activities.

Rafting is fun, engaging, and offers different levels of difficulty. a unique experience awaits you!

You can choose among different options and routes, ranging from adrenaline-pumping experiences to trips for families with children or absolute beginners. Over the last few years, rafting has been an increasingly sought-after and interesting team-building activity. Driving a raft through rapids requires indeed both coordination and cooperation skills.


In Umbria, several sports associations organize rafting trips. They provide you with all the necessary equipment and ensure your safety. Before each trip, experienced guides will introduce the main commands in order for you to coordinate with the other members of the crew. Wear a wetsuit, a life jacket, and a helmet, and you can start the adventure!

The Corno river, a tributary to the Nera river, is the ideal location for water sports and rafting

The unspoiled Valnerina environment is surrounded by lush woodland greenery. The charming Corno River, flowing at times steep or calm, is also suitable for families.

The most spectacular spot of the rafting trip are the majestic Gorges of Biselli. Here, the river current gives you time to look around and admire the overhanging rock faces. A small beach will allow you to get off the raft inside the caves carved by the water.

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