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At Gallano, heartfelt human connections are at the center of everything we do. We take all necessary precautions to protect the well-being of our guests and our staff. We’ve enhanced our health and cleaning protocols to help ensure that our apartments, restaurant and bar continue to be safe welcoming spaces for everyone. In order to guarantee interpersonal distancing and the respect of the directives to prevent and combat COVID-19, Gallano Resort and Gallano Restaurant services can be utilized only upon reservation. In common areas of the Resort, Guest will find comprehensive information on the preventive measures requested. In order to preserve and protect the well-being of our guests and the staff, you will find hand sanitizing stations in various locations within the facility. The situation is changing rapidly, we will continue to monitor, follow guidance provided by the World Health Organisation, state and local governments, and update this page as new information becomes available.


The Reception allows the interpersonal distancing of at least 1 meter  between guests and staff. The entrance to the reception is allowed to only 1 customer (or household) per time. Guests have to wear a mask in the reception. The staff are always required to wear a mask in front of guests. E-payment and online check-in are highly recommended to minimize contact times. Frequent cleaning and disinfection of the Reception is guaranteed, with particular attention and greater cleaning frequency applied to surfaces which are regularly touched. Natural ventilation is guaranteed throughout the day. Outdoor areas: The Gallano Resort enjoys large green spaces that ensure the  maintenance of at least 1 meter of interpersonal distance between the customers, this aspect is the responsibility of the individual. Due to the presence of local fauna please wear closed shoes when walking around the resort and grounds.


Between each stay, all apartments will be regularly disinfected under the public health guidelines with special sanitiser and specific products. Every item provided by the resort for use by our guests, will be disinfected before and after each use. In some cases, we have removed some items from the guest room and apartment as a precautionary measure. Bed linen and towels are provided by certified and qualified companies who work to the highest standards and in compliance with the sanitisation required by law.

Gallano Restaurant:

In order to guarantee interpersonal distancing and the respect of the directives to prevent and combat COVID-19, the access to Gallano Restaurant is only possible upon reservation. There are numerous hand sanitiser dispensers available for guests and staff, especially at entrances and close to toilets. Toilets are cleaned and sanitised at the end of the each service (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Tables are organized in such a way as to guarantee the interpersonal distancing of at least 1 meter between guests. For reservations where you have requested to sit at the same table as other guests, and have not requested different needs, our operators will consider you as persons that according to the current rules are not subjected to keep interpersonal distancing. If you want to be sure you have the distance of 1 meter also from your diners you are asked to communicate this to our staff. Guests have to wear a mask every time they’re not seated. The staff are always required to wear a mask in front of guests. Natural ventilation is regularly guaranteed throughout the day, the surfaces and seats will be sanitised after each customer change. Laminated menu, Salt, pepper, oil, etc., will sanitised after each use.


As per regulation Self-service buffet is not allowed. The buffet will be served by a member of the staff, excluding the possibility for the guests to touch the exposed food. Everyone is required to maintain interpersonal distancing and wear a face mask near the buffet area.


Guests are required to comprehensively shower before bathing. In the pools, diving and swimming is not permitted. As per regulation inside pool tub A are allowed maximum 14 people  at same time – inside pool tub B are allowed maximum 13 people at same time. These aspects appeal to an individual’s responsibility. Parasol are placed to guarantee a distance of 1.5 meters between the sunbeds. Before taking possession of parasol and sunbeds, please carry out a sanitisation process using the products made available by the Resort. Sunbeds sanitisation will be done at the end of each days.

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